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Endovet® Cream

Endovet® Cream


Each gr contains

Ivermectin ............................ 4 mg

Excipient c.b.p. ..................... 1 g

Endovet® Cream is an Antiparasitic acaricidal for external use. Its active component ivermectin belongs to the avermectins group.

Endovet Cream is an external Antiparasitic acaricidal recommended for treating scabies caused by acari in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Endovet® Cream has a proved effectiveness against scabies. It has antipruritic and acaricidal effect that doesn’t sting. It has a nice and fresh smell, it’s easy to apply and moisturizes the area, it’s an aid in tissue regeneration.

Endovet® Cream is not cancerogenic, not embryotoxic and it doesn’t have any effect on reproductive health as it can be used in pregnant females.

Endovet® Cream is effective from the first application, after starting treatment an improvement in the animal’s physical shape can be seen, they scratch less and posterior itching are negative from the presence of acari.

DRUG USE Is an external Antiparasitic acaricidal recommended for treating scabies caused by acari in dogs, cats and rabbits.

DOSAGE Apply a small amount on the affected spot every 7 dias for a total of 6 applications. In severe cases the dosage depends on the Veterinarian’s prescription. ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION Topical, separate hair from affected zone in order to apply directly on the skin.

DRUG WARNINGS Keep treated animals away from animals that have not been treated in order to avoid reinfestation. In case of reinfestation in immunodepressed animals please consider a specific treatment. Avoid places overpopulated with animals during treatment. In complicated cases with bacterial infections consider applying broad- spectrum antibiotics for long lasting treatments as well as vitamin and mineral supplements according to a veterinarian. In animals with thick fur, shaving the affected area is advised in order to achieve a better absorption of the product.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD Meat withdrawal for rabbits destined for human consumption: 28 days after concluding treatment Due to aquatic organisms that may be affected by the product, empty containers and any residue must be disposed of by burying or incinerating. Keep this product in a cool and dry place protected from light at a temperature between 15º and 30ºC Keep out of reach of children and pets. Consult a veterinarian Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinarian (POM-V category)

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