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Fur'st SKIN + COAT Dog Supplement - 120 chews

Fur'st SKIN + COAT Dog Supplement - 120 chews

Comprehensive skin and coat health: The combination of the ingredients offers a holistic approach to improving skin and coat health, addressing issues from dryness and itching to strength and shine.

Supports general health: Beyond skin and coat health, the ingredients contribute to overall wellness, including immune health and digestive health.

Natural and holistic care: This supplement provides a natural way to enhance a dog's skin and coat health, which can be preferable to synthetic medications for some conditions.

Each ingredient plays a crucial role in fur, skin and nail support:

  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promotes a shiny coat, supports skin health, boosts immune system

  • Biotin (vitamin B7): Strengthens fur, improves skin condition, supports nail health

  • Flax seed: Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, antioxidant properties, skin soothing

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