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JW Grip Soft Undercoat Rake

JW Grip Soft Undercoat Rake
$70.00 TTD

JW Pet GripSoft's Undercoat Rake removes dead or shedding hair from the innermost layer while leaving outer coat undisturbed. Used by professional groomers to get through the outer coat of long-haired pets.

  • Removes dead & shedding hair from undercoat
  • Does not disturb outer coat
  • Great for grooming long-haired pets

The JW Pet GripSoft Undercoat Rake keeps the groomer comfortable with the GripSoft rubber-sheathed handle, the first line of ergonomic rubber handle grooming tools.

JW Pet worked with a group of groomers and a hand surgeon with expertise in Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome to develop our unique, patented grip. The result is the most comfortable grip available on the market today.

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