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Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™

Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™
Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™
Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™
Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™
Paw 5 The Snuffle Mat™

By combining their natural foraging instincts with mealtime, dogs have the opportunity to use the most powerful tool they were born with: their nose. The PAW 5 Wooly puts their nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields.

The PAW 5 Snuffle Mat

A dog's greatest gift is their nose - it's thousands of times more powerful than our own, because dogs evolved as natural foragers - finding morsels of food among grass, bushes, and brush. Engaging your dog in this natural scent-driven scavenger hunt during mealtime makes them happier, healthier, and enriches their day!!

The Benefits of The Paw 5 Snuffle MatTM

The benefits to the Paw5 Wooly are many, and are guaranteed to help your pup live a happier and healthier life.

  • Mental Stimulation : Our mat engages your dog’s natural foraging instincts, giving their brain a boost of mental stimulation that keeps their cognitive abilities sharp. Dogs love having a puzzle to solve, and our mat is just the thing to keep your four-legged friend busy and happy.
  • Beats Boredom and the Blues : The Paw 5 Wooly is the perfect boredom buster for dogs who want to enjoy a new breed of playtime. Whether your dog needs a stress relief, a mood boost, or just an escape from their usual feeding routine, our mat introduces fun into their day and keeps that tail wagging.
  • Slows Down Fast Eaters : Does your dog gobble down their food in record time? Fast eating can be detrimental to a dog’s health, but our mat can help. By turning feeding time into a fun game, the Paw 5 Wooly allows your dog to spend more time foraging for their kibble and eating at a slower pace that’s safer for them.
  • Engages Seniors and Inactive Dogs : Every dog wants to play, but that’s not always possible for dogs with mobility issues, such as seniors or dogs with injuries or illnesses. Our mat is perfect for these pups, as it allows them to still enjoy mental stimulation and engagement even if their mobility is limited.
  • Makes Mealtime Fun Again : Sometimes, dogs can get bored with their kibble, especially as they reach their golden years. Our mat makes mealtime interesting again, and turns your dog’s typical feeding routine into a fun and engaging scavenger hunt every dog is sure to love.

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