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Vet Worthy Chewable Toothpaste (60 tablets)

Vet Worthy Chewable Toothpaste (60 tablets)
$95.00 TTD

This product helps to support teeth and gum health in canines. It is intended to aid in keeping plaque, tartar and bad breath at bay when on one is too busy to brush a dog's teeth. Key ingredients include zeolites which help to keep plaque from sticking to teeth and propolis which helps reduce bad breath. This is an enticing liver flavor dogs love and is intended to be ingested. This is not intended to replace regular dental care with a veterinarian.

Veterinarian formulation recommended to support clean teeth and gum health and is ideal when you are to busy to brush. Propolis provides antimicrobials to assist in the reduction of plaque and tartar. Zeolites are a trace mineral that support the reduction of bad breath. Regular dental cleanings with your vet are recommended.

All our products are veterinarian balanced formulations made with human grade ingredients for superior safety and quality. We conduct testing on both raw ingredients and final products in our laboratory to ensure superior quality standards and label claims. 

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